North American Brass Band Association

2018 Championships Band Performance Order

Friday - Embassy Theater

  Times in gray are approximate
Guide Warm-Up Stage Exit
YOUTH OPEN A 4:20PM 5:00PM 5:30PM ~6:00PM
YOUTH OPEN B ~4:50PM 5:30PM ~6:00PM ~6:30PM
YOUTH OPEN C ~5:20PM ~6:00PM ~6:30PM ~7:00PM
YOUTH OPEN D ~5:50PM ~6:30PM ~7:00PM ~7:30PM

CHAMP A 6:50PM 7:35PM 8:00PM ~8:22PM
CHAMP B ~7:12PM 8:00PM ~8:22PM ~8:44PM
CHAMP C ~7:34PM ~8:22PM ~8:44PM ~9:06PM
CHAMP D 8:05PM 8:50PM 9:15PM ~9:37PM
CHAMP E ~8:27PM 9:15PM ~9:37PM ~9:59PM
CHAMP F ~8:49PM ~9:37PM ~9:59PM ~10:21PM

Saturday - Embassy Theater


Saturday - Anthony Wayne Ballroom

Guide Warm-Up Stage Exit
THIRD A 7:15AM 7:25AM 8:00AM ~8:32AM
THIRD B ~7:22AM 8:00AM ~8:32AM ~9:04AM
THIRD C ~7:54AM ~8:32AM ~9:04AM ~9:36AM
THIRD D ~8:26AM ~9:04AM ~9:36AM ~10:08AM
THIRD E ~8:58AM ~9:36AM ~10:08AM ~10:40AM

FIRST A 9:50AM 10:25AM 11:00AM ~11:33AM
FIRST B ~10:23AM 11:00AM ~11:33AM ~12:06AM
FIRST C ~10:56AM ~11:33AM ~12:06AM ~!2:39PM
FIRST D ~11:29AM ~12:06AM ~12:39PM ~1:13PM
FIRST E ~12:02PM ~12:39PM ~1:12PM ~1:45PM
FIRST F ~12:35PM ~1:12PM ~1:45PM ~2:18PM
FIRST G ~1:08PM ~1:45PM ~2:18PM ~2:51PM

OPEN A ~1:41PM ~2:18PM ~2:51PM ~3:24PM

FIRST H 2:20PM 2:55PM 3:30PM ~4:03PM
FIRST I ~2:53PM 3:30PM ~4:03PM ~4:36PM
FIRST J ~3:26PM ~4:03PM ~4:36PM ~5:09PM
FIRST K ~3:59PM ~4:36PM ~5:09PM ~5:42PM
FIRST L ~4:32PM ~5:09PM ~5:42PM ~6:15PM
FIRST M ~5:05PM ~5:42PM ~6:15PM ~6:48PM

CHAMP U 5:50PM 6:30PM 7:00PM ~7:27PM
CHAMP V ~6:17PM 7:00PM ~7:27PM ~7:54PM
CHAMP W ~6:44PM ~7:27PM ~7:54PM ~8:31PM
CHAMP X 7:25PM 8:05PM 8:35PM ~9:02PM
CHAMP Y ~7:52PM 8:35PM ~9:02PM ~9:29PM
CHAMP Z ~8:19PM ~9:02PM ~9:29PM ~9:56PM

GUEST BAND 8:50PM 9:30PM 10:00PM ~10:20PM



Guide Warm-Up Stage Exit
YOUTH A 10:50AM 11:30PM 12:00PM ~12:31PM
YOUTH B ~11:21AM 12:00PM ~12:31PM ~1:02PM
YOUTH C ~11:52AM ~12:31PM ~1:02PM ~1:33PM

SECOND A 1:05PM 1:40PM 2:15PM ~2:46PM
SECOND B ~1:36PM 2:15PM ~2:46PM ~3:17PM
SECOND C ~2:07PM ~2:46PM ~3:17PM ~3:48PM
SECOND D ~2:38PM ~3:17PM ~3:48PM ~4:19PM
SECOND E ~3:30PM 4:00PM 4:40PM ~5:11PM
SECOND F ~4:01PM 4:40PM ~5:11PM ~5:42PM
SECOND G ~4:32PM ~5:11PM ~5:42PM ~6:13PM
SECOND H ~5:03PM ~5:42PM ~6:13PM ~6:44PM



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