2023 NABBA Championships Results

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Youth Open Section

First Place: Triangle Youth Academy Brass Band

2023 Youth Open Recap

Youth First Section

First Place: Triangle Youth Brass Band

2023 Youth First Recap

Youth Championship Section

First Place: Watson Brass Band

2023 Youth Championship Recap

Third Section

First Place: Jacksonville State University Brass Band
Second Place: Fountain City Youth Brass Academy
Third Place: Dublin Metro Brass

2023 Third Section Recap

Second Section

First Place: San Francisco Brass Band
Second Place: Massanutten Brass Band
Third Place: Old Crown Brass Band

2023 Second Section Recap

First Section

First Place: Princeton Brass Band
Second Place: Colorado Brass Band
Third Place: Dublin Silver Band

2023 First Section Recap

Championship Section

First Place: Five Lakes Silver Band
Second Place: Fountain City Brass Band
Third Place: James Madison University Brass Band

2023 Championship Section Recap